Sunday, January 15, 2017

Micro Distractions

Back with a few “Epic scale” Eldar I finished knocked off Saturday evening. (I also worked on some great war stuff and was waiting for green stuff to cure before painting, so I cranked out a few of these guys.

I had been freaking out a few weeks back wondering where my Future War Commander book had gotten to and finally asked Other Tim if he had a copy (or if maybe I’d loaned him mine…?) and it turned out I had. H returned it to me this week and I’ve been a little distracted reading through that again and trying to remember how it worked and how units were organized and did some costing out of things.

Apparently I have WAY more Marines than I could ever hope to have opponents to fiend the entire force against!? Remember that unit of Terminators I finished last month? Yeah those four elements of Terminators and an HQ are over 1000 points – not including their Land Raiders!? Granted that is probably the most pricey unit in the force… but still, I have a LOT more Marines… Not so much of anything else.

I thought when I had pare moments I might finish up a few Eldar things – here and there. I do have Orks, but I have to paint SO MANY to be any match for the Marines. I figured the Eldar are closer to being able to going toe-to-toe with them.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Stinging Scorpions

Actually only two of these elements are newly painted. The other four elements were painted when I got them and I decided they were painted well enough I’d leave them and just rebased them. I had two other elements of Stinging Scorpions that I recently tried to paint to match them – can you tell which are mine?

Old School Falcon Grav… Tanks…? I always think of the Falcon as a “Tank” but it’s really more of an IFV, isn’t it?  I thought I’d paint the tanks to sort of match the colour scheme of the infantry they’ll carry.

I also have a fair few Grav bikes (or where they Jet bikes..?) I though I’d use them as HQ elements and have likewise painted it to match the general scheme.

The Eldar Force so far…

Should Stinging Scorpions all be deployed in one big force like this…? Or should they be tasked out as single elements in various different war hosts. I have to admit, I don’t know enough of the fluff about Eldar Tactical doctrine. That’s what I both love and hate about the 40K universe – it has such a rich and fleshed out background that there probably IS some book with detailed fluff describing Eldar tactical doctrine… and that makes me worry that some know-it-all could come along and tell me I’m not organizing MY purely fantastical toys right…

Among the other elements painted so far are four elements of Fire Dragons, 3 Elements of Harlequins (sadly there seems to be no stat line for Harlequins in FWC…), and 12 more Falcon IFVs. The Fire Dragons and Harlequins weren't painted by me - I got them with the Striking Scorpions - and they were nice enough that I just re-based them.

I see now I've changed how I painted the Falcons. I'm going to have to do some touch-ups on them - including the ones I just did! the one unit with the gold canopies I'll re-do to match the red ones of the other units, and I just realized that there's a gold bit on the shooty-laser-blaster-stick-thingie that I missed  on the ones I just painted. 

Not that I'm going to do any more work on these right away, I'm wondering if I should do some Falcons to match the Fire Dragons next, or some infantry to go in the other Falcons I have painted. Guardians or Dire Avengers...? 

I need to find something to use as a command element for the entire force... 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

A brief update on the status of the Vimy Project. 

This Week's Games

I just noticed the BGG widget on my blog doesn't seem to be working anymore - rather than showing the lasted games played it's currently showing a smattering of games played over the last few weeks...? Weird.

Anyway... I finally got the kids to start some lists of games they want to play this year. So far Finnegan has 25 on his list (which means he'll probably add a few or play a few on the list multiple times). The girl has 37, but a lot of them are shorter games that I didn't even consider. Amanda agreed to pick out at least one game a month for us to play -it's not that she isn't interested in playing games, she'll play just about anything and is happy just to play whatever we set up and doesn't want to have to put too much thought into the games... I post my list of 50 games a week or so ago in my Game Plan 2017 post

Last Sunday we tried out Five Tribes. Finnegan got the game for his birthday last week. actually we've all played the game before. Finnegan and i played it as ToonCon 2015 and everyone played at the last ToonCon. We'd singed up for it in 2015 because we'd seen it on Tabletop. We came home from ToonCon 2015 and told Amanda it was a great game and maybe we should get it. Of course we bought a LOT of games in 2015 and Amanda wasn't going for it. After she actually played it last September it suddenly went on the "Games to Get" list...

SO many different ways to score points in this game - it's a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to even start. I thought I was doing well, but I think Amanda won in the end with a HUGE amount of points from having a near complete set of market goods and the second most number of viziers and a couple of really high point tiles (15?).

Finnegan and I came down with colds on Sunday and were sick all week - still sick actually. Keira and Amanda finally picked up the colds later in the week. You'd think being sick and not going anywhere we'd have played more games... but we didn't... we did get a bit of reading and movie watching done!

Wednesday we started in on our Game Lists - One of the Girl's choices was For Sale. It's a quick game so we played it twice.

On Friday we played Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game - Finnegan's pick for the week. There isn't a lot of thought or strategy to the game, but I actually don't mind it. It's a fun time-filler and usually presents enough of a challenge that there's enough tension to make it interesting. 

In the evening while I was making pizza we played Dominion: Intrigue. SOMEONE was taking forever doing their turns and so the pizza was finished before we finished the game and because the pizza was... er... a bit late, Finnegan ended up having some pretty low blood-sugar and had to just start eating.... and Amanda started eating... and despite them having a napkin to wipe their hands on after each munch I couldn't help getting a little upset imagining my BRAND NEW Dominion cards being slathered with pizza grease!?

Intrigue was fun. I've played with others copies of Intrigue (at the last two ToonCons) but ended up uaing a lot of new cards we hadn't used before and so it was a lot of fun figuring out how they worked.

This wasn't anyone's "pick" for the week - as I'd originally hoped, we played MORE than just each person's pick in a week and thus get to play lots of "filler" games like this each week -which is why I didn't even put any of our gaming staples on the list - Dominion, Race for the Galaxy, 7 Wonders, etc...

(This Friday should have been our biweekly D&D game, but with us all sick we told the crew not to come over!)

On Saturday - for the third Saturday in a row - we played Firefly: The Game. This was my pick for the week. Originally Finnegan and I were going to play it with our friend Brent while Amanda and The Girl were out at dance classes all day (as we usually do). But being all sick and stuff we called it off so as not to get Brent sick. Then Amanda and The Girl played hooky from Saturday dance classes (being sick and all) so we decided to go ahead and play with the four of us together - gurgling and coughing and blowing snot out of our heads. 

This time we played the "'Respectable' Persons of Business" scenario - which was more or less, the first person to 12000 credits with no active or jobs in hand would win. (Actually it's once you get to 12000 credits you can take a goal token and once you have a goal token, on your turn, as an action, you may declare "last call" - after which everyone gets one last turn and then you count up your money and minus the cash value of any jobs you have in hand and who ever has the mostest wins). Amanda won. Finnegan had over 14000 credits, but had 7000 in jobs in his hand, so The Girl came in second with about 10000. 

I was, once again, dead freaking last - with only about 4000 credits... but I had a great ship and crew with a lot of toys... If we'd played a few more hours, I would have crushed it... or not...

This afternoon we'd planned to play Olympus (Amanda's pick of the month) and kick off Skirmish Sunday Night (it was decided that on Saturdays we'd go climbing at Grip It - because it's open on Saturday evenings and those are really the only evenings we had free as a family - so climbing Saturday, skirmish/role-playing games on Sunday...). But Amanda looks like she wants to sleep all afternoon - hopefully we'll all play Olympus this evening and maybe kick off Skirmish Sundays NEXT week... That's okay, because i didn't really have anything concrete planned yet... I'm kind of torn between a few options.

If all goes according to plan we'll play Big Book of Madness on Wednesday (The Girl's pick for the week) and Rave for the Galaxy on Friday (Finnegan's pick for the week).

Saturday I am at my friend John's all day playing at Freezerburn - his annual invitational game day. I went to the first Freezerburn back in 2011, before I was really into playing board games. I was supposed to go and play in 2015, but the ended up spending five days in hospital with crazy high blood pressure. Last year John forgot to send me an invite and it filled up before I got around to asking him when he was going to send out invites... so... HOpefully I'll have seen the back end of this cold by Saturday and be in on the action this year!!

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Countdown to Vimy - an update on the status of the project.

Some pictures of the latest "micro-distractions".

Saturday, January 14, 2017

26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF

This is the 26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF. As with the other battalions in the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade the miniatures are from Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF

The formation patch for the 25th Battalion was a red square surmounting a blue patch – the blue patch was for the 2nd Division, the square indicated the junior battalion within the brigade and the red indicated the second brigade within the division.

This finishes up the entire 5th Brigade, so I thought I’d take a picture of the lot of them.

5th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division, Canadian Expeditionary Force.

The other battalions in the brigade are the 22e  Battalion (Canadien Fran├žais)24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles), CEF , and the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles), CEF.

This is the ninth Brigade I have completed for the project. I am on battalion away from finished the tenth, I have two more to do. 

I also have a bunch of Casualty/Morale Failure tokens from Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design. They’ve also been painted with insigina of the various battalions within the 5th Brigade, but will probably see use with any of the 2nd Canadian Division battalions as I don’t have any other casualties from the manufacturers of the other brigades (well, I do have two stretcher-bearer parties from 1st Corps for the 4th Brigade…)

Still a bit under the weather, but chugging along...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Ummmmm… maybe a general update on the status of the vimy project… or a post about other gaming going on… or… maybe some minor distractions… (AGAIN!) 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles), CEF

This is the 25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles), CEF. Like the other two battalions I’ve finised for the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade (22e  Battalion (Canadien Fran├žais) and 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles), CEF ) the miniatures are from Gripping Beast/Woodbine Design

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

25th Battalion (Nova Scotia Rifles), CEF

The formation patch for the 25th Battalion was a red triangle surmounting a blue patch – the blue patch was for the 2nd Division, the triangle indicated the third battalion within the brigade and the red indicated the second brigade within the division.

I’ve been laid low with a nasty cold the last few days. These miniatures were actually finished on the weekend, I just never got a chance to nip outside during the few daylight hours we have at this time of year to take a picture.

Today was brilliantly sunny – with just a bit of fresh snow…

Unfortunately sunny and clear at this time of year usually means REALLY FREAKING COLD! (check out that windchill!) 

I have started work on the final battalion for this Brigade - 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) – but despite being home all day long, I’ve mostly been lying around in bed and too tired to keep my eyes open to paint, let alone actually focus on the little buggers… Not really what I needed right now.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

26th Battalion (New Brunswick), CEF

After I finish the 26th Battalion (New Brunswick),  I have one more battalion to finish up the 4th Brigade and then need to get some figures for the 6th Brigade and then the British Brigade that was attatched to the Canadian Crops… then it’s on to Germans!! (And terrain!!) 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

12 Days of Gaming (or What I Did For My Winter Holidaze…)

Saturday, 24 December 2016

It seems to have become a bit of a tradition these last few years to play games just about every day between 24 December and 5 January (The Boy’s birthday).  Usually we gather at my folks place on the evening of the 24th – because we usually have to wait until Amanda and my sister to finish work. This year, however, the 24th fell on a Saturday, so we were able to get started a bit early.

The morning of the 24th I did my usual Saturday morning errands – running to the library downtown and usually I heat to the Night Oven Bakery (but I skipped it on the 14th as we were running a bit late and I figured there wouldn’t be much left…)

Wow, was it EVER quiet downtown!

Despite an early blast of snow in October, it has been exceptionally mild and most of that early snow melted. Despite a drop in temperatures in mid December, we didn’t get any precipitation, and thererefore, there was little snow… so far…

Heading over to my folks – The Boy zips ahead of us (still on his summer bike – but with winter apparel!?)

Amanda – also on her summer bike.

Across the bridge – still some ice on the water…

Despite riding her own bike well into December, The Girl finally decided it really was too much effort to ride her bike in the cold – even if there wasn’t snow – so she’s been riding on the back of my cargo bike.

Up the bike hill on the other side of the river.

I guess technically it isn’t really a “hill”, per se, it’s really the steep BANK.

I made The Girl get off and walk up the hill – I’ll haul her around on the flats, but not up hills anymore! I ride up the hill about as fast as she walks anyway…

Finally at my folks – the kids opened up one gift right away – and everyone was enamoured with The Girl’s new Rubik’s Cube. 

Amanda, showing The Girl how it’s done…

Usually The Boy always has stuff to do in his bag – books to read and a note book and sketch book… for some reason he didn’t bring ANY of that and found himself at loose ends. Luckily, I’d brought my copy of Rogue Stars that had arrived in the mail the day before.

Unfortunately he didn’t put it back in my bag and it got left there and I didn’t get it back until a day or so ago…

My sister arrived and the gift rampage begins.

This takes forever as the kids need to thoroughly investigate each and every gift. I’m not complaining, mind you. It’s better than them tearing through everything as fast as they can and then wonder where the rest is…

After all the gifts had been opened Amanda went back to trying to solve The Girl’s Rubik’s Cube .

The Boy mostly got a PILE of stuff for Sentinels of the Multiverse and Sentinel Tactics (like FOUR expansions for SOTM and two boxes of miniatures for Tactics). He spent hours just reading through all the cards and organizing them.

My mom had asked me to pick out a game that all of us could play. It’s hard to find a seven player games that would be interesting enough for the seasoned gamers of my family, but easy enough that my folks and sister could play. So I had spent some time looking and finally my friend Other Tim turned me onto a game called Mysterium, which sounded like it fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunatley when we busted it out, my Dad and sister decided they just weren’t going to play.

I played the Ghost for this first game. I didn’t end up getting any pictures of the game in progress as I was too busy doing the ghosty things – but also having to explain and re-explain how it all worked (despite the fact that I’m supposed to be SILENT throughout the game!?). So above is a picture of the mess I was cleaned up afterwards…

Puzzle. The tradition everyone does get in on…

The Girl has been bugging us to play Dixit for ever. I suggested to bring it along to my folks as it’s a waaaaaaay better game with more people. And it was a much more fun game to play with more people. My dad joined us for the game. My Sister pryed herself away from the puzzle long enough to come over to see what was going on.

The loot to be hauled home.

Good thing I brough the Yuba!

Before heading off to bed Amanda set out all the gifts from her parents and the one or two we got for the kids. (In the background is all the loot hauled home from my folks).

Sunday, 25 December 2016

A very patient 8-year-old waiting… We slept in. This was at about noon…

A very excited boy with a new book.

Seriously, that’s all he needed.

All he wanted to do for the rest of the day was read. Opening the rest of his gifts became a bit of a chore.

New sweater for The Boy – The one Amanda’s wearing I actually knit for her 9 years ago. I spent the entire month of December knitting it in secret whenever I could steal a moment – or staying up way after she’d gone to bed…

Present open, picture taken – back to reading.

Apparently my mother-in-law thinks I’m a cynic or misanthrope (or a cynical misanthrope!?). This little book has hundreds of pages with a quote from some famous personage or author about why humans are awful, and opposite  a lined page to write why this is so… Do I really come off as being that negative...? Am I reading too much into this...? 

On with the games! Recruited the kids to help punch out the tokens in Nations

Of course every time I turned my head and/or he didn’t have something someone specifically asked him to do, The Boy disappeared back into his room to read his new book.

Nations. Amanda and I really like this game. The kids say they like it, but every time we've played they always seem to get really frustrated in the third or fourth age when they realize I have PILES of workers out and and starting to reap what I've sown throughout the earlier ages. I tend take extra meeples in the growth stage and get off to a slower start - but it usually pays off in the end game. I can't remember who actually won this one. Amanda also does very well at it - which I find frustrating as she seems like she has no idea what she's doing and it seems like she does just random things... but they all seem to work out really well for her! 

Reading his book at supper.

Later in the evening we played Railways of Great Britain. Everyone really liked this version of Railways of... I think it was because there were SO MANY so close to each other and so many short lines they could set up. I didn't take out nearly so many bonds as I have in other games. 

Monday, 26 December 2016

After lunch The Boy and I headed out to Dragon’s Den Games for their annual boxing day sale.

I meant to take a bpicutre there, but, in all the excitement, completely forgot. We were there much later than previous years (when we’ve shown up right at opening) it wasn’t as insanely busy – no line-ups snaking around the perimeter of the store – but it was still very busy!

Our haul from the Boxing Day Sale (less two packs of minis I forgot to put in the picture). A realtively small haul - compared to previous years. The Boy picked up the Fantasy Age Bestiary. The Girl had asked me to pick up Mice & Mystics for her, if the had one (they did!). I picked up Pulp Cthulhu, the latest Wargames Illustrated and stocked up on  some new brushes and painted and tufts.

Later in the evening some friends came over (Kurtis and Shannon) and brought along Imhotep to introduce to us.

We also played Hanging Gardens.

Still later Shannon’s brother joined us and we played a game of Samarkand.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I spend most of the day on the 27th over at Brent’s playing Angola with Brent, Kurtis and John. Brent and I both played the exact same factions we played last time Where John and Kurtis reversed roles. Totally different game – in the previous game I ended up with a little enclave in the eastern part of the country and it was always difficult to get my reinforcements to the fronts that developed - where I needed them as they mostly arrived in Luanda (on the coast). This time  I help most of the cities along the western coast for most of the game.

In the evening when I got home we tried out Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu. It was hard. We lost.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

In the afternoon a friend and her two daughters (10 and 8) stopped by and we introduced them to 7 Wonders – it was an epic 7 player game and at the end of it our entire extended dining room table was covered with cards and surrounded by smiling faces… and I forgot to get my camera out… dang it.

Finally got around to trying out some of the Sentinels of the Multiverse stuff The Boy got.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

In the afternoon we went out todo some climbing at Grip It! It’s been a few weeks since we last went, so we weren’t there for long before muscles were aching and we decided to call it quits… We'd been going fairly regularly through September-October-November... and were slowly not feeling less and less awful and sore afterwards... but after just a few weeks of not going, I was feeling it all week - especailly any time I went out to shovel snow! We'll have to get back into a regular pattern of weekly (or semi-weekly) visits! 

In the evening my friend Christian came into town with his daughter to play a few games.

First we tried out Are You the Cultist? Which was a lot of fun – once we figured out what the heck we were doing.

Then we had another stab at Mysterium – with The Girl as the Ghost – it was a LOT of fun this time around. Unfortunately we lost – amazingly the kids, who were only able to see one of the final cards all guessed right. Amanda, Christian, and I – who got to see two of the final cards, all guessed a different murderer and it was 3 – 3 there was no majority and thus we lost… darnit! SO close!

After they left we played a quick game of Carcassonne.

Friday, 30 December 2016

Everyone got haircuts today and we didn’t get in any gaming with the kids.

We did get in one last game of D&D for the year in the evening.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

More snow had fallen and with it the temperature on New Year’s Eve.

I had to run around and do a few errands in the morning and the roads and pathways were just awful.

I hadn’t put my winter tires on, so I actually borrowed Amanda’s fat tire bike. Despite the fact that she’s had it for FOUR YEARS now, and raves about how great it is for winter riding, I had never tried it out. I got that it worked for her, but I never really understood HOW great they are in the snow. Wow. What an eye-opener….

I hate to say it… but I think I might need ANOTHER bike!?

Other Time stopped by for the afternoon to play Firefly with us – it was his first go at it. We actually finished the game and Amanda won.

I was flying the Serenity with Nandi as Captian. I thought I’d been doing pretty good for myself… but not as good as Amanda!

Afterwards Other Tim introduced us to Show Manager – which was really fun.

(not going to buy another game… not going to buy another game… not going to buy another game… not going to buy another game…)

After Other Tim left we played a quick game of Timeline.

We ended up all staying up to Midnight and watching Bladerunner – which I have not seen in a very long time!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

On the first my Friend Aaron and his two boys came over for the afternoon. One has been painting a pile of Tyranids for 40K and has been dying to get in a game – so I pulled out my Imperial Guardsmen and Trench Terrain and set up a little scenario for him.

Because I had defensive works I took less points than him. Though afterwards I realized they were as much a hindrance and really needn’t have done so.

My guys were quite spread out and his tyranids were on my front line on the first turn – not really diving me any opportunity to shoot them up. As they did little shooting, the trenches weren’t of much use to me…

Ah well… he had fun.

We were invited to play games at Kurtis and Shannon's in the evening, but we all ended up being so exhausted from staying up so late the night before, we all packed it in early... 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Bright and sunny, but brutally cold – we walked downtown to see Rogue One.

We were supposed to meet up with the family of one of the kids friends, but their friend was sick. She’s been sick since early December - first with one thing, now another... We’d hoped to meet up with them a few times, but totally weren’t able to. It was a bit of a drag…

The movie was okay.

In the evening we played Loonacy…

… and a round of Race for the Galaxy.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

We didn’t end up playing any games at home today.

The Boy did go out to play D&D at King Me Boardgamery (as he does every other Tuesday).

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Bruce Stopped by and played Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu with me and the kids.

Something fishy going on in Innsmouth.

Amanda got back from an appointment and joined us for a game of Big Book of Madness – a new co-op game The Girl got… wow is it hard. WE totally lost on the 3rd round (out of a potential 6 or so…).

Thursday, 5 January 2017

The fifth was The Boy’s Birthday.

He is now a teenager.

Aaron’s boys came by for a little party in the evening. The kid’s other friend was still sick and couldn’t make it!

The played a round of Red Dragon Inn.

Friday, 6 January 2017

this is getting into our 13th day of gaming… but there were a couple days were we didn’t all get to play games. It had been my hope to play all of the new games we got at least ONCE before the holidaze were over… we were MOSLTY successful…

Knocked one more game of the list of new games Friday evening – ABYSS.

I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t expecting much from this game, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I totally crushed it. I think I had 80 or 90 points, The girl had around 60 maybe… I had more points than Amanda and The Boy combined.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

That brings us to yesterday – Amanda and the girl were out most of the day at various dance classes. While they were out Bruce and Adele stopped by

We played a game of Firefly. This was the first time I’ve ever completed a scenario that wasn’t the “First Time in the Captain’s Chair” beginner scenario. The Boy actually won…

I felt like I was going pretty good this game as well – I completed two of the Goals and was on my way to complete the third when the Boy finished it first… This was just after finishing the first goal. I picked up a few more guns before moving on to the 2nd as it required a bit of misbehaving.

Later, after the girls got home, we tried another game of Abyss.  The point spread wasn’t so great this time around. I barely squeaked out a victory 3 points ahead of Amanda – the kids were less than 20 points behind…

And that was about it for our Holidaze. The Kids activities have all started up again. Amanda goes back to work on Monday. The kids and I will be back at our regular homsechoolification…

We didn't get to playing any Sentinel Tactics or trying out any of the Dominion (Intrigue and Adventure) or The Grizzled: At Your Orders expansions I got - or Mice and Mystics... Hopefully we'll get to those in the coming weeks - and many, many more games! 

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I did get some painting done over the holidaze – hopefully get some pictures of those up shortly…